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Save 21% Fuel Costs and decrease CO2 Emissions. Increase profits and performance. Watch your asserts and loved ones.

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Lumitrac GV500M OBD Tracker

OBD Tracker for vehicles tracking only. Data are transferred through 4G LTE network.
Available in North America. See more details

Lumitrac GL300M Portable Tracker

The Lumitrac GL300M tracker is designed for tracking both vehicles and people. As a portable GPS tracker with 4G LTE-M eMTC technology, it has wide coverage, fast and stable connections. The tracking service covers 180 countries with 4G LTE-M network all around the world.
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Tracking for Multiple Purposes

Track the car of your family. Keep an eye on where it goes, have an idea of your teenager's driving behavior. Track the trucks of your company. Study the route and fuel economy. Do better in fleet management and save the cost. Track your loved ones or share your location with them.

Available in Both Web Browser and Mobile APPs

Track your target either in a web browser for various detailed information, or in a mobile app for convenience.

Choose the style of tracking platform based on your needs

The brief version tracking platform (top) is easy to use and covers all the basic needs in tracking a target. The advanced version (bottom) includes more vehicle tracking features and offers overwhelming fleet management experience. Free to upgrade from the brief to the advanced version for all portable tracker users.

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