Basic info

The Lumitrac GL300MA tracker is a newly designed portable GPS tracker with 4G LTE-M eMTC technology, providing wide coverage, fast and stable connections. It has been widely deployed in both fleet management and personal vehicle tracking, especially welcomed by small business owners. Assets and people tracking are available as well. This service covers North America by default and can be extend to selected countries upon pre-order requests.

Versatile tracking platform

The tracking service is accessible through both web browser and mobile apps. Tracking via Apps is convenient and using a web browser, especially the “advanced” version tracking platform, will provide you more detailed information. All types of the tracking platform for GL300MA are synchronized.

Real-time and historical data

Enjoy your real-time tracking and check the NEVER-EXPIRED historical traces at anytime you want.
For fleet management purposes, the historical data is a key to help reduce fuel cost and CO2 emissions. Check the historical routes together with the reports, get your fleet in control.

Alerts and Reports

Don’t want to stick to the app or web browser? Just use alerts and reports features.
We offer various kind of alerts and reports sending to you via emails and/or SMS. Check out the types of alert and set up some of them for your convenience.


Create a geo-fence/zone/territory on your map and keep an eye on this region with alerts and reports.


This tracker is installed with a 2600mA Lithium battery that is chargeable through a Mini-B port. Professional battery management criteria has been applied to extend the battery life to up to 14 days under real-time tracking services. It takes 6 hours to charge the battery to full.
Attention: The battery life in the table is based on the average use of the device with 30-sec reporting frequency under common conditions. The more frequently it’s in motion, the shorter the battery life is. Certain circumstances such as high/low temperature, weak network signal, physical damages, will harm the battery life.

Route Fitting Algorithm

We implemented unique Route Fitting Algorithm (RFA) to make the routes be more accurate and precise.
Connecting location points on the map has been out of date, and sometimes the GPS error brings you incorrect trace on the map. Now with RFA, we can show you real routes, no missing details, and more accurate mileage, which are crucial for the driving performance reports.

Easy to Use

No installation necessary. Just charge it to full battery and put it into whatever you want to track.
Water-resisting shell prevent the device from being damaged from rain drops and wet weather. DO NOT immerse it in water as it’s not waterproof.

Customer support

If you have any questions or concerns, check out the FAQ or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Direct access to real people who understand and answer your questions. No hiding behind layers of automatically answering system.

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