Frequently Asked Questions

For GL300M devices:

Power Button (on the top): Press and hold the power key until the PWR LED blinks to switch between ON/OFF status.

SOS Button (the big one): Press and hold the SOS button to trigger an SOS alert if the SOS alert has been set up on the tracking platform.

GPS LED (blue): GPS LED blinks when it's searching the satellites.

PWR LED (red): Power LED starts to blink when battery is low or the device is charging

CEL LED (green): Cell LED blinks when communicating with the tracking platform server.

For portable devices:

The default reporting frequency of device in motion is once per 30 seconds. You may change this value in the subscription panel at When the device is stationary, it reports every 1 hour if the GPS signal is available.

For installed devices:

The reporting frequency of device in motion is once per 10 seconds. It cannot be changed.

For portable trackers, it takes 6 hours to charge through 0% to 100% battery. Once the device starts charging, the PWR LED blinks until fully charged.

For wired and OBD trackers, they must be installed onto the vehicle to function.

A fully charged GL300M device may last from 4 days to 2 weeks based on the usage.
The battery life mainly depends on how often the device is in motion. If you drive a lot, you'll need to charge it more frequently. According to the feedback, our customers charge the device every 9 days on average. Bussiness customers who drive at least 8 hours a day tend to charge the device every 3 ~ 4 days. Please check out the battery life table for more info. The battery life is also significantly affected by temperature and signal strength. Severe weather and poor signal conditions are harmful to the battery life.
Setting up a battery level alert will get you informed when the battery goes below the assigned percentage. Please check out the video of setting up a battery level alert at

i) Go to

ii) Select a plan.

iii) Fill out the form. The 15-digit IMEI can be found below the bar code on your device. After successful subscription, you will receive a confirmation email including your first time login password.

iv) Turn on your device (If it's already on, reboot it) and take a drive.

v) Visit to login with your email address and the password received.

vi) Your device will be available on the map within a few minutes after the activation.

* If your device is not showing the correct locations on the map, its GPS signal may be blocked. In this case, please place it in outdoor area for 3~5 minutes to calibrate.

** For any problems encountered, please don't hesitate to email us at We'll fix it ASAP.

The location retrieved from the GPS could be slightly off from the actual location due to weak GPS signal strength, bad weather, signal blockings around the device, etc

If the location on the map is quite far away from where your device is, it is most likely that the GPS signal of your device is blocked. Please place the device outside for a few minutes and it will find the correct locations.

When the device icon becomes black color showing as "No Data", it means the device is unable to connect to the wireless network. There are three possible reasons: 1. The device is powered off; 2. The device's wireless signal is being blocked; 3. The device is in a region which is not covered by wireless signal.
When there is no wireless signal but the device is powered on, the device will save location reports in its memory and start to send out location reports again once the wireless network is available.
Attention: The battery consumes faster than usual when the wireless signal is missing

An object (also named "geofence") is a polygon area you assign on the map, which can be used to inform you when your device enters/exits the area after setting up both objects and alerts properly.
To create an object in web browser tracking platform, go to Settings -> Object -> Create Object, then select a region on the map and draw a polygon by placing dots on the map. Please check out the video guides of creating a polygon object at
After an object is generated, the alert of arriving/leaving object is available in the alert settings.

Go to and input your original registration email address. You will receive an email including the cancelation link. Follow the link and click unsubscribe. Your device will be deactivated starting from next billing period and you can still use your device until then.

Go to and input your original registration email address. You will receive an email including the reactivation link. Follow the link and click continue. If your subscription has not expired, it will be automatically renewed when it expires. If your subscription already expired, your new subscription will start once your credit card is charged.

In the speeding alert settings, you can assign a custom value as the maximum speed allowed. It does not consider the road speed limit.

If you've already set up a cell phone number in your profile, you just need to select your phone number in the "create alert" interface. You may also input additional cell phone numbers INCLUDING the country code (+1 for the United States, for example +18181234567) when setting up an alert. Lumitrac will not charge you extra fees for SMS alert. Extra fees may apply from your wireless carrier according to their policy.

In the Mobile APP and Brief web versions, routes are defined between places labeled by numbers. Routes start from smaller number to larger numbers (i.e. 1-->2, 5-->6). In the Advanced web version, arrows on the routes show the directions.

Routes are generated by connecting valid reported locations and then some optimizations. Even after the Route Fitting Algorithm (RFA), routes may not be exactly the same as the vehicle’s motion trace. We will keep upgrading the technique to improve the routes.

In settings, you can select the units you prefer, such as mile/km, pound/kg, °F/°C.

In the advanced web browser version, you can create a link from the device tab and send the link to others. People using the link can access to your driving reports.

You can change your login email address under the profile setting. After changing your email, you can login to the tracking platform using your new email address. However, you still need your original registration email address to access the subcription management functions. So it's not suggested to modify your login email address.

After setting up alerts on the tracking platfrom, alert emails will be automatically sent out from when it's triggered. Please check your spam emails to make sure those alert emails are not classified as spam.

This happens when you are using a tracker that does not read the ignition status of your vehicle (Only some types of OBD trackers can read the ignition status), so the ignition status of your car on the platform is set to be “off”. And the "power" here indicates "external power". Please just ignore the ignition/power status when using a portable tracker.

Yes, the trackers are water-resistant. BUT they are NOT waterproof. Trackers can survive from rain drops, but please don't immerse them into water.

Having more questions? Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you soon. Thank you for choosing Lumitrac!
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